Dip Stripping

If the door or window you find is painted, and you wish to have a raw timber, or ready-to-paint we can have it dip stripped.

Dip stripping is a process that involves placing a door or window into a tank of chemical solution, which strips the paint from it.

Often after a dip strip, the item will still need up to an hour of sanding to have it completely paint free (For an additional $50/hour).

Please note that dip stripping comes with the minor risk of bowing or damaging the door, although this is not very likely it is important that you are aware of this. In the case that your item is not suitable for dip stripping, we can still offer you a hand-stripping service.

From $195 plus gst

Window sash repairs

Rot repairs

When a window has rotten a area, it is important to identify the damaged section and have it removed.

Our rot repair process involves cutting out the area of the rot, and replacing it by matching the timber on the provided item, then gluing, nailing and clamping it.

The price coincides with the amount of rot repair needed, and is generally calculated by how many areas/ corners of rot there are.

From $195 per section plus gst

Sash repairs

Window sash repairs is the most common services required, Wellington’s weather usually deteriorates any piece of timber not well treated or finished.

Sometimes it can be tricky, especially when we talk about sill repairs, however our experienced joiners are ready to repair your items properly.

Feel free to send any inquiries with pictures attached, our joiners can have a look and we will give you some options to proceed.

From $195 per section plus gst

Customize to size


If the door or window you choose does not match your requirements, we offer a service to extend it to your size.

We recommend a maximum of 75mm extensions per side (keeping proportions of your item) but can go larger if really necessary.

The process involves matching the timber on the provided item, then gluing, nailing and clamping it.

Price $100 per edge, plus gst


If your product is too big, we offer a service to trim it down to your     required size.

The process involves ensuring that we have the correct measurements then using a specialized saw to make accurate and straight cuts. Please note that we suggest keep proportions of your item.

Hardware adjustments

Hinges swap

If your selected door or window has its hinges on the opposite side of what you desire, we can change it for you.

The process includes packing the existing hinges and rebating new ones in predetermined locations.

Please note that if you want to swap door hinges, you may need to pair it with our mortise/handle packing  services.

Price $75 (hinges not included)

Mortise/Handle Packing

If the door you have chosen has a handle/lock hole that you do not need, we can amend these through our handle packing services.

The process involves matching the timber on the provided item, fitting it to the hole and sanding it flush.

The finished product is hardly noticeable and provides a blank slate to work off.

Price $125

Mortise and handle installation

Once you have chosen your door, we can install hardware in it.  Our store has a stock of recycled mortises and handles to choose from, or you can purchase your own if you prefer to do so.

Installing hardware can be done one of two ways, depending on    your choice of door. The first option is if the door itself already has rebates that match the chosen hardware. This option makes it quite easy to install the lock as it then just becomes a case of fitting the mortise in.

The second option is packing the existing holes in the door, and re-chiseling out a rebate for the new mortise to go in. The second option is commonly used by our customers, this is done at a higher price though.

Price $125


All our frames are brand new H3.2 Tan®E treated exterior timber joinery. The treatment level meets Hazard Classification H3.2 (above ground) according to NZS 3640:2003.

  • Single Door Frame + Sill: From $395
  • French Doors Frame + Sill: From $595
  • Single Casement Window: From $295
  • Double Casement: From $395
  • Larger Casement Windows: From $495


Keeping the original style of your door and window sashes can add value to your property, at the same time you are choosing to reduce unnecessary wood waste.

Here at No. 8 Building Recyclers we work hard to be sustainable.

Why Choose Us

Our company achieves sustainability goals through the use of recycled materials.

We have the best selection of recycled and restored doors, windows and floorboards.

We mainly work with native New Zealand timber, such as Rimu, Kauri and Matai.

Our carpenter has over 20 years experience.

Our items have been fairly obtained, mostly from demolitions, renovations and auctions.

Our prices are very competitive.

We are committed to the environment by segregating our recyclables.

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