Rot repair:

When a window has a rotten area, it is important to identify the damaged section, and have it removed.

Our rot repair process involves cutting out the rotten area and then replacing it with a matching timber by gluing, nailing or clamping it.




Don’t buy new!

Keeping the original style of your doors and window sashes can add value to your property, at the same time you are choosing to reduce unnecessary wood waste.

The price depends on the amount of rot repair needed, and it is generally calculated by how many areas or corners are rotten.

Sash repair:

Window sash repair is the most common service required. Wellington’s weather usually deteriorates any piece of timber not well treated or finished.

Sometimes it can be tricky, especially when we talk about sill repair, however our experienced joiners are ready to repair your items properly.

Feel free to send any inquiries with pictures attached, our joiners can have a look and we will give you some options to proceed.