Recycled Products


Second hand

Manufactured in the workshop

Repairing your existing windows keeps its architectural style and enriches both the value and the look of your property. However, sometimes repair is not possible due to the level of deterioration and damage. In this case, we offer salvaged windows of all kinds and shapes.

If we don’t have a window in the size that you need, we can manufacture a replacement one by upcycling the timber of two or three second hand ones (you can see an example in the image)

We also offer the option of upgrading your single glazed units to sealed double glazed unit, without the need to replace the frame or the box of the original windows.


Classical pair of doors that let in a significant quantity of natural light, usually these type of doors are the best option for access to your balcony, patio or backyard.

French Doors are a wonderful compliment to any home space. At No. 8 Building Recyclers, we offer a range of services to repair and preserve the integrity and colonial theme of French Doors.

If required, our joiner can put it in a frame, as per specification.

As is true of our other advertised services, we guarantee our service as being competitively and focused on quality.

Our stock of French Doors has a great variety of sizes and styles.


We typically have more than 300 preloved doors in stock, a wide range of door styles to suit your requirements. You can find different styles, colors and sizes.

We offer all kinds of services for the customization of any purchased item, everything you might need to satisfy any desired specifications.

Our talented and well experienced carpenter is capable of extending, trimming, guiding and much more.

We assemble frames made specific to provided dimensions. This removes the complication of the door not fitting during installation.

Let us know what you’re looking for and we will find it! Contact us!


Flooring is an especially important aspect of our business. We stock a unique collection of reclaimed floorboards in a variety of sizes.

We stock a variety of cuts and sizes, the bulk of our collection consists of T & G Matai and Rimu floorboards.

The cost of restoration and restored goods, particularly in regards to flooring, is a small fraction of that what can be expected when buying new.

We stock a variety of widths, measuring from 85mm up to 150mm. This variation is essential to meet the uniqueness of any home space – perfect to fit the tailored needs of any project.