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Restored doors, windows and floorboards

We are Wellington’s “one stop shop” for French doors, single doors, windows and floorboards.

Our experienced team provides a big variety of services, such as dip stripping, retrofit double glazing, framing, sanding and packing. Everything you need to repair your door or window and make it look like brand new. Visit us in-store or check out our range of second hand doors online here!

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Save on your power bill in winter, keep the house cool in summer and, as a bonus, reduce the noise level from outside. We keep the existing timber of your windows, as it helps to reduce wood waste while you maintain the aesthetics of your home. We do not work with double glaze in aluminium windows. Learn more >


Check out our collection of doors! We have a large selection with all kinds of second hand restored doors. French doors, colonial, single, exterior and interior. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, make a request on the Contact page and we will try to find the door you need.


There is a common inconvenience of having to visit multiple companies for each desired service. This is time consuming and inefficient. Here, at No. 8 Building Recyclers, you have the chance to reduce this inconvenience as we offer a variety of services in one store. Anything you might need to repair doors or windows you will find here.


Are you doing a demolition? We can take care of salvaging wood materials (like floorboards, doors and windows) and recycling them. If you already have a contractor in mind, we can co-work with them and we will reward you for the amount of house parts recycled. Save money, time and the environment.

Door Restoration

Before and After

Keeping the original style of your doors adds value to your property, at the same time you are choosing to reduce unnecessary wood waste. Our team is specialized in refurbishing timber doors, we offer paint/varnish strip, sanding, packing and anything you might need to bring your door back to life.

You don’t need buy new!

Window Rot Repair

When a window or sill has a rotten area, it is important to identify the damaged section and have it removed before it’s too late. We don’t do patches, we do repairs. Covering the rotten sections with filler or bog is not a long term solution. Our team cut out the rotten area, replace it with the same type of timber, sand it and then add primer, leaving it ready to be painted.

You can see some examples of our work in the pictures below.

Sill Repair

Window Repair

Window with many rotten sections

Rotten sections removed

Rotten sections replaced with new timber

Dip Stripping

Unless you have new doors in your house, chances are they have been repainted several times and starting to develop a worn appearance. Ask any experienced carpenter and they will tell you the same: it is worth stripping off layers of old paint on wooden doors. The finish will be much better and you will reveal the true lines of moulding and edges, which will have been buried beneath many layers of paint over the years.

Stripping off the old layers of paint demands a lot of effort and can also be dangerous, if the door was painted before the 60’s, as old paint contained lead. However, at No. 8 Building Recyclers, we have a safe and efficient way to do the job: dip stripping.

Once all the layers of paint are removed, you can choose between repainting it or keep the wood showing by adding varnish or oil.

Learn more >


After Stripping


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Here at No. 8 Building Recyclers we work hard to be sustainable.

We made it to the list of The 8 Best Home Builders in Wellington by Top Reviews

Why Choose Us

Our company achieves sustainability goals through the use of recycled materials.

We have the best selection of recycled and restored doors, windows and floorboards.

We mainly work with native New Zealand timber, such as Rimu, Kauri and Matai.

Our carpenter has over 20 years experience.

Our items have been fairly obtained, mostly from demolitions, renovations and auctions.

Our prices are very competitive.

We are committed to the environment by segregating our recyclables.