Flooring & Salvaging

Flooring is an important aspect of our business. We stock a unique collection of reclaimed Matai and Rimu floorboards in a variety of sizes (widths from 85 mm to 150 mm). In addition to our main stock, we offer various services in our workshop capable of meeting customer preference.

Don’t buy new! The cost of restoration and restored goods, particularly in regards to flooring, is a small fraction of that what can be expected if buying new.

It is extremely difficult to source these beautiful floorboards, as they are an artifact of history no longer as widely produced, they must be rediscovered, salvaged, and restored. They add character and elegance to any home space they feature in.

Are you doing a demolition? We can take care of salvaging wood materials (like floorboards, doors and windows) and recycling them. If you already have a contractor in mind, we can co-work with them and we will reward you for the amount of house parts recycled.

Save money, time and the environment!

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Flooring Removal Matai & Rimu

Matai Flooring Home Retrieval

Flooring Retrieval & Restoration

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No. 8 Building Recyclers.

We work hard to be sustainable.

Why Choose Us

We are Wellington City’s only building recycler.

We have the best selection of recycled and restored doors, windows, timber, fixtures and fittings.

Our carpenter has over 20 years experience.

Our items have been fairly obtained, mostly from demolitions, renovations and auctions, and removed by experienced tradesmen.

Our prices are very competitive, usually just a fraction of the price of the equivalent new product.