Flooring is an especially important aspect of our business. We stock a unique collection of reclaimed floorboards in a variety of sizes. The prize of our stock belongs to our collection of Matai & Rimu Floorboards. We stock a variety of cuts and sizes, the bulk of our collection consists of T & G Matai floorboards. In addition to our principle stock, we offer various services in our workshop capable of meeting customer preference. As is true of our other advertised services, we guarantee our service as being competitively cheap and focused on quality. The cost of restoration and of restored goods, particularly with regard to flooring, is a small fraction of that what can be expected if buying new.

We stock a variety of widths, measuring from 85 mm upward to 150 mm. This variation is essential to meet the uniqueness of any home space–perfect to fit the tailored needs of any project. We stock both Sapwood and Heart timber Matai floorboards, Sapwood being characteristically mustardy in color while Heart timber is iconically red, warmly yellow or orange. This variation in our stock avoids sameness, giving further credit to the chance to purchase something unique. It is extremely difficult to source these beautiful floorboards. They themselves are an artifact of history: no longer as widely produced, they must be rediscovered, salvaged, and restored. They add character and elegance to any home space they feature in. They are perfect for any type of room and are not limited in their practicality.

If you require a quote, please feel free to ask.

Flooring Removal Matai & Rimu

Matai Flooring Home Retrieval

Flooring Retrieval & Restoration

No. 8 Building Recyclers.

We work hard to be sustainable.

Why Choose Us

We are Wellington City’s only building recycler.

We have the best selection of recycled and restored doors, windows, timber, fixtures and fittings.

Our carpenter has over 20 years experience.

Our items have been fairly obtained, mostly from demolitions, renovations and auctions, and removed by experienced tradesmen.

Our prices are very competitive, usually just a fraction of the price of the equivalent new product.

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