Window & Door Repairs

Windows & Doors are a staple of our business, we stock a variety of different door styles including Statesman, French, and Craftsman. Our store accommodates both exterior and interior fashions. Our selection of windows is equally diverse and deep. We offer various services intent on satisfying our customers specifications and judgements. We can repair wood rot; assemble frames; make extensions; customise through glass replacement; and restore through sash repair and various other joinery jobs. There is little we cannot manage and there is little that cannot be restored to its previous glory. As is true of our other advertised services, we guarantee our service as being competitively cheap and focused on quality. The cost of restoration is a small fraction of what can be expected if buying new.

We are in the business of recycling appropriate and deserving building furnishings. We encourage anyone with access to building recyclables to contact us. We are happy to provide a quote for anything we consider interesting and appropriate to our business. We source from home and business renovations, as well as commercial projects and public and private auctions. Similar to Double Glazing, we offer an additional extension in our method of restoration, that of Dip Stripping. The removal of unwanted or flaking paint is usually a tiresome and time consuming task, however any trouble and headaches can be avoided by choosing the advantage of Dip Stripping–a service conveniently, and neatly, provided through local collaboration.

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