French Door Recycling & Restoration

French Doors are a wonderful compliment to any home space. At No. 8 Building Recyclers we offer a range of services suitable to recovering and preserving the integrity of French Doors, their preloved status and colonial theme. In store we stock a respectable selection of reclaimed French Doors. These can be purchased singularly or be supported with a frame, as per specification. As is true of our other advertised services, we guarantee our service as being competitively cheap and focussed on quality. The cost of restoration is a small fraction of that that can be expected if buying new.

Our stock of French Doors is accomplished in a great variety of sizes and styles. This is a considered fact that is also true of other categories. We offer a large number of services in the modification of any purchased set, necessary to satisfy any desired specifications. Our talented and well experienced carpenter is capable of extending, trimming, guiding, not to mention a remaining bulk of possible adjustments. We assemble frames, made specific to provided dimensions. This avoids any complication of non-fit during installation.

If you require a quote, please feel free to ask.