Wellington Window, Glass & Rot Repair

Glass repair or replacement

Applying a guide of putty.

At No. 8 Building Recyclers we pride ourselves on our expertise and well exampled ability to service, restore, and reclaim damaged property.

We have a proven history of offering a quality and competitive service. This trademark of ours is made obvious through our record of successful window, glass, and rot repair projects.

In addition to fundamental repairs, we also offer the unique service of modification and customisation. We are able to modify windows according to desired details and plans, and can perform improvements such as sash extensions.

We operate to guarantee clean finishes. We are able to cure wood rot and restore windows to their original condition. We can easily repair splintered or otherwise damaged and weather damaged wood. We are also well practised in both glass repair and replacement.

In the process of repair we utilise both recycled and new materials. The most common timbers we use include a variety of New Zealand species: Cedar, Rimu, and Pine.

There is a common, widely shared mistake to abandon broken and unfixable property that may become faulted. As a consequence there exists a tradition to buy new. However, the cost of replacement nearly always exceeds that expected of repair, and usually by a considerable amount.

We offer the opportunity to reduce any unwanted and unneeded costs; with repairs at the fraction of the cost of replacement. Very little limits what we can achieve when asked, it is our intention to impress and surprise. Even the most seemingly hopeless and challenging of projects eventually proves successful.

damaged rotten window or door repair

Damaged rotten window or door repair

At No. 8 Building Recyclers we offer the chance to preserve the personality of property through providing a service to restore instead of replace. We believe in the sustainability of our industry and operate to benefit both our customers, and the greater community. We are committed to providing a service of notable craftsmanship and professionalism.

If you require a competitively cheap and quality service choose No. 8 Building Recyclers.