Rimu Statesman Door Repair

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We have a staple stock of Statesman Doors available in a variety of sizes and traditions and species of timber. Our stock includes Rimu, Kauri, Cedar and Oregon, as well as the dependable and popular Pine. The variety of Statesman Doors is furthermore identified by their finer details, beading being the most obvious due to unique craftsmanship. The Statesman doors can be bought directly from our rack without any added effort of restoration, or can be purchased with restoration in mind. In the case of restoration; A list of desired alterations is made, as per customer specification, and submitted to the work shop with the chosen door.

Triple Rimu Statesman Door Repair

The current project was a quick process, only requiring an easy and repeatable list of touch-ups per door. There were four Rimu doors in total each requiring a slightly different method of restoration. Before any repairs were made the doors were isolated and intensely sprayed free of borer. The damage and wear on all four doors was moderate. A lot of the beading was bent and some were raised and warped. To repair this, the beading was realigned and glued and clamped fast, any splits or cracks were filled and an adhesive was applied. The joins of one of the doors was damaged and had to be reset in clamps with glue, restrengthening it.

After most of the repairs had been made, the majority of the doors received a trim so that they satisfied the customers specified measurements. These trims were made on a precisely tuned machine that guarantees true, squared, cuts, to better ensure that the provided measurements were met exactly. Access to this machine is private and a great benefit: it avoids skewed cuts which are likely to happen with a skill saw, and therefore any possible stress as a consequence.

There is little that we cannot modify. We can extend height, width and we can trim the exact same. We offer a variety of services intent on meeting any specific requirements or visions. A door, as selected from our stock, may seem unsatisfactory when considering its dimensions or how it is hung. It is also possible that a single detail may prove unsatisfactory–perhaps a panel present instead of light letting glass. This can all be accommodated for; hinges can be swapped, any rebated sites can be packed and unwanted panels can be removed and replaced with glass, for which we offer a catalogue of different templates.

We are also in the market of purchasing doors and other recyclables we consider appropriate for restoration. We invite anyone in the possession of such sought after materials and furnishings to contact us. We source from auctions; salvage from demolitions; purchase from home renovation sites, spring-cleaners and remodellers

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