We stock a unique collection of reclaimed floorboards in a variety of sizes. The prize of our stock belongs to our collection of Matai & Rimu Floorboards.

Matai & Rimu Floorboards Project

The current project required delicacy. The removal of floorboards must be performed with a consideration for maintaining them whole and therefore sellable. The majority of our floorboards are sourced from antique sites–stunning and sturdy villas and well appreciated homesteads. Unfortunately, because of their scarcity, they do not feature strongly in modern homes. But this is not to suggest that they cannot be reclaimed and reintroduced.



The first method to restoration relies on processing the floorboards. We perform to reclaim the floorboards through de-nailing them and restoring them as clean edged. The floorboards are primarily cut from heart wood and are therefore hard and sturdy and perfectly suitable as floorboards. There are variety of perks to be considered when purchasing reclaimed timber, particularly of the stock that we offer. In addition to being considerably rare and therefore difficult to source, Matai and Rimu floorboards have other strong benefits. One such benefit is their somewhat natural immunity to not be as suspect to borer damage.

At No. 8 Building Recyclers we ‘sell-as-is-where-is’.


The profile range of our floorboards:

85 mm

110 mm

130 mm

135 mm

140 mm

150 mm