Leadlight Window Restoration


No. 8 Building Recyclers, Wellington, Leadlight Window Restoration, Putty Repair

A chisel used to remove old putty.


The intended beauty of a traditional leadlight window is obvious enough to be imitated. There is a strong market for imitation stained glass, but, that is all it is–imitation. Imitation always fails in original beauty, while a true stained glass window is a unique and artistic addition to any home. They allow for an interesting stain of colours through which natural light may pass and inspire a room. They are responsible for the trademark aura of cathedrals and other stunning examples of architecture.

Leadlight Window Restoration Project

The current project required the removal and replacement of old and failing putty. This is usually routine, however, the softness of the lead cames demands an especially careful approach. The process therefore becomes a lot more time consuming and particular. The leadlight window restored in the current project was doubly unusual as it displayed rare colours and unique textures and cuts of glass. The traditional leadlight window showed a crimson red stain, unique because the materials needed to produce it are sourced as a by product of gold, and are therefore precious. Some of the lead bordered glass was also unusual in that it was beveled. Other sections were dimpled or crafted to be unusually textured.