Flooring Retrieval & Restoration

Flooring Retrieval, Flooring Restoration, Matai & Rimu, No. 8 Building Recyclers, Wellington

The cream of the crop.

A large part of our business at No. 8 Building Recyclers involves the sourcing and restoration of flooring and various timbers. Our stock is predominately a mixture of Matai and Rimu Tongue and Groove (T & G) floorboards (principally being Matai). Tongue and Groove is a convenient profile. It allows the boards to slot together neatly. T & G floorboards are more rigid than other styles and are less likely to move or creak. We have a large stock of reclaimed floorboards which we collect from a variety of sources including demolitions, auctions, and homeowner restorations. And in our stock there is variety too: we host both heartwood and sapwood in a number of different profiles (85 mm, 110 mm, 130 mm, 135 mm, 140 mm, 150 mm, depending on supply). It is this variety that allows us to more tightly appeal to customer preference.

Flooring Retrieval & Restoration

The current project is part of a long, ongoing process by which we source and restore floorboards. We are continually inquiring and collecting. Our stock consists primarily of native Matai but, on occasion, we also stock some Rimu. After we have sourced a stock of floorboards there is usually a fair amount of work needed to restore them properly. We usually inherit the floorboards with their nails and staples still in place. We work to remove these before they are catalogued onto our shelves. In addition to this, we also remove any glues and residue underlay that may still remain.


There is little that we cannot modify. We can extend both height and width. We can trim the exact same. We offer a variety of services intent on meeting any specific requirements or visions. A door, as selected from our stock, may seem unsatisfactory when considering its dimensions or how it is hung. It is also possible that a single detail may prove unsatisfactory–perhaps a panel present instead of light letting glass. This can all be accommodated for. Hinges can be swapped. Any rebated sites can be packed. Unwanted panels can be removed and replaced with glass, for which we offer a catalogue of different templates.

We are also in the market of purchasing doors and other recyclables we consider appropriate for restoration. We invite anyone in the possession of such sought after materials and furnishings to contact us. We source from auctions; salvage from demolitions; purchase from home renovation sites and spring-cleaners and remodellers.

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