Double Glazing of French Door

#178, Double Glazing, Wellington


Double Glazing is a very beneficial improvement to any home. In addition to contributing to greater security, a consequence of being toughened, it also performs well to retain warmth. This is ideal when considering energy efficiency and the potential savings to be had.

Double Glazing of French Door Project

The current project was completed as an extension of a French Door restoration job. The putty and supporting staples were removed and the glass panes were salvaged. The cleaned frames were then fitted with glazing tape and prepped with a silicon sealant. Next, a bead was constructed and fit, ensuring the snug fit of the Double Glazed panes. Finally, the Double Glazed panes, of a requested glass type and cut to specification, were then fitted to the prepped frames.

Although the completed project was performed on a French Door, the potential applications of our Double Glazing service are broad. We cater to both Windows and Doors.  The current project is but one example of what we can perform. Any limit is the problem of imagination. As has been previously mentioned, there are a variety of glass types that our Double Glazing service supports.

The importance of our service is best represented and proven by convenience. A particular project would usually require visiting multiple companies for multiple different services. This is time consuming and usually costly, with each service pricing themselves according to their specificity. At No. 8 Building Recyclers it is our intention to provide convenience simultaneous to a high degree of professionalism and sworn craftsmanship. For instance, the current project began with the selection of a pair of French Doors from our stock. These French Doors were then restored and modified according to customer specification. And, finally, the original window panes were improved with a new set of Double Glazed panes. All completed through one company. All completed in one location. We intend to sharpen and shorten dealings for our better effect and, most importantly, our customers convenience.