Double Glazing Triple Casement Window 

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Double Glazing is becoming more common for many households. It is an economical investment. It provides a measure of safety and is well designed to retain heat. A great benefit of double glazing is that it can be retrofitted into recycled goods. It is not restricted to new, custom fittings. This is a service we are proud to offer at No. 8 Building Recyclers.

Double Glazing Triple Casement Window

The current project, Double Glazing Triple Casement Window, was a great achievement once finished. There was a lot of work involved. The original casement window was in fair condition but needed a considerable amount of care to be restored to a satisfactory point. It was a challenging project that would serve as testament to our ability to restore. The casement window was selected from our own stock. The top three leadlights were removed and sent away for restoration. Each of the sashes were sanded and chiseled free of putty, making them suitable for reglazing. A layer of primer was applied and a first round of wood filler was made.

Three double glazed panes were retrofitted into the now cleaned bottom sashes and set with capping beads. A second round of wood filler was applied to ensure that nothing had been missed. A second coat of primer was then made. After the three restored leadlights were returned they were retrofitted into the top three sashes between double glazed panes, making them the third element in a triple glaze retrofit.

The horns of the frame were extended by 200 mm. Timber matching the frame was chosen to make the extension. The horns were primed. The final outcome was thoroughly checked over and, once satisfactory, set aside for customer collection.

There is little that we cannot modify. We can extend both height and width. We can trim the exact same. We offer a variety of services intent on meeting any specific requirements or visions. A door, as selected from our stock, may seem unsatisfactory when considering its dimensions or how it is hung. It is also possible that a single detail may prove unsatisfactory–perhaps a panel present instead of light letting glass. This can all be accommodated for. Hinges can be swapped. Any rebated sites can be packed. Unwanted panels can be removed and replaced with glass, for which we offer a catalogue of different templates.

We are also in the market of purchasing doors and other recyclables we consider appropriate for restoration. We invite anyone in the possession of such sought after materials and furnishings to contact us. We source from auctions; salvage from demolitions; purchase from home renovation sites and spring-cleaners and remodellers.

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