Double Casement Window Reglazing

Double Casement Window, Window Reglazing, Window Repair. No. 8 Buildig Recyclers, Recyclers, RecyclerBehind and in front of every great sheet of glass is a great seal of putty.

Double Casement Windows regularly make an appearance in our show room. We source them from auctions, private residential restoration projects, and demolitions around Wellington and the greater Wellington region. They usually arrive and can be purchased already in a frame. We offer a variety of services in the restoration of these windows, most of which are detailed–including prices–here. Our workshop employs two talented joiners who are well experienced craftsmen, the work they do can be found here. Additionally, we also restore building furnishings (doors, windows, etc.) not purchased from our store. If you have a broken or damaged windows, doors, or something similar needing repair we can rescue it. This is sometimes preferred over replacing a particular feature, as restoring an already existing feature can avoid any problems that change can cause.

Double Casement Window Reglazing

The current project was a breeze. As mentioned, the Double Casement Window was selected from our own stock. There was little work contained in the window to fully restore it, our customer only required that the missing glass be reglazed. To achieve this, the dried, cracked, and ineffective putty was routed out and a fresh new guide of putty was applied. Next, a custom fit of clear light glass was put into the sash, stapled and resealed with putty, ensuring that the window was water tight.

There is little that we cannot modify. We can extend height, width and we can trim the exact same. We offer a variety of services intent on meeting any specific requirements or visions. A door, as selected from our stock, may seem unsatisfactory when considering its dimensions or how it is hung. It is also possible that a single detail may prove unsatisfactory–perhaps a panel present instead of light letting glass. This can all be accommodated for; hinges can be swapped, any rebated sites can be packed and unwanted panels can be removed and replaced with glass, for which we offer a catalogue of different templates.

We are also in the market of purchasing doors and other recyclables we consider appropriate for restoration. We invite anyone in the possession of such sought after materials and furnishings to contact us. We source from auctions; salvage from demolitions; purchase from home renovation sites, spring-cleaners and remodellers.


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