Craftsman Door Restoration

#229 Craftsman Door Restoration, No. 8 Building Recyclers, Wellington, Door RestorationThree identical Craftsman Doors as selected from our stock.

A Craftsman Door is iconic. The slim three paneled body and broad paneled head are recognisable and stylish. Although the Craftsman Door boasts an iconic style there is an opportunity for variations and subtleties. Such crafty differences can sometimes show in the mouldings, other times in the arrangement and balance of the panels themselves. There is a large opportunity for difference and personal taste when selecting a Craftsman Door. At No. 8 Building Recyclers we stock a family of Craftsman Doors, some unique and some true to tradition. In our stock a variety of different wood types are represented including Rimu, Kauri, Cedar and Pine. The list of possible choices continues.

Craftsman Door Restoration

 The current project involved restoring three identical Craftsman Doors. Each door was selected from our stock with some obvious luck: all three doors matching in iconic style and measurement. However, because the doors were intended for different spaces they had to be processed differently. The first two of the three doors required hinge replacements. Both doors were inappropriately hung compared to customer need. The hinges needed to be reinstalled on their opposite side. There were two possible approaches to this repair: packing the hinge sites with a compliment of matching wood, or to trim the hinge sites as flush. The latter option was chosen. New stainless steel hinges were purchased for both doors and fitted.

The second door also required packing. A matching cut of cedar was used for packing. An additional two width trimmings (head and base) were completed on the second door ensuring it satisfied the measurements of the frame it was to be hung in. The first door was fitted into a custom made H3 pine frame, assembled in our workshop. The second door was Dip Stripped, as was the third door, in collaboration with a local and well experienced Dip Stripper.

#229 Craftsman Door Restoration, No. 8 Building Recyclers, Wellington, Door Restoration, Repairs and Joinery

Returned from the Dip Stripper. Nude.

The third door required a height trimming and the construction of a new frame. As with all trimming needs we utilise an intelligent trimming machine that ensures a precise and level outcome. This was essential to ensure that the third door matched the rebated hinge and handle sites on the newly assembled H3 pine frame.

Leadlight Door Restoration

As an aside, we have also been occupied with a Leadlight Door Restoration project. Similar to the previous project, this door exhibits the classic Craftsman design. However, it can be considered to be more inspired given the added Leadlight character. This was a much more straightforward project, requiring only a Dip Strip as per request.


There is little that we cannot modify. We can extend height, width and we can trim the exact same. We offer a variety of services intent on meeting any specific requirements or visions. A door, as selected from our stock, may seem unsatisfactory when considering its dimensions or how it is hung. It is also possible that a single detail may prove unsatisfactory–perhaps a panel present instead of light letting glass. This can all be accommodated for; hinges can be swapped, any rebated sites can be packed and unwanted panels can be removed and replaced with glass, for which we offer a catalogue of different templates.

We are also in the market of purchasing doors and other recyclables we consider appropriate for restoration. We invite anyone in the possession of such sought after materials and furnishings to contact us. We source from auctions; salvage from demolitions; purchase from home renovation sites, spring-cleaners and remodellers.

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