Cedar French Door Restoration

#142 - Cedar French Door, No. 8, Restoration, Wellington

Cedar Framed French Door – One Half.


Cedar is a popular timber used as the principle material in a variety of doors. It is a soft wood and therefore is both suitable and practical as a building material. Although the specified project (#142) did not require our manipulating of the cedar frame, the practical importance of such a frame was still noted.

Cedar French Door Restoration Project

The current project required the installation of a set of recycled brass hinges and the creation of a new H3 finger-jointed pine framing. Firstly, the set of doors were squared using our finely tuned trimming machine. This ensured that the doors were flush. This was then followed by adjusting the preexisting hinge placements, increasing and sharpening them to accommodate hinges as selected by the customer. The hinge notches were remodelled with a high degree of craftsmanship.

The second phase of this project required the creation of a new H3 finger-jointed pine frame. Each supporting frame is built from new pine timber. In addition to an already large possibility for customisation throughout the restoration process, the frames we create are flexible to customer specification. The current project required this. This is helpful, particularly if the intended place of installation requires an irregular frame to occupy it. We can accommodate.

Finally, once the frame has been assembled and revised as being satisfactory of all assessable standards, we apply a coat of white primer. This ensures that the frame is finished in every aspect aside from painting. We leave the process of painting to the imagination and desire of our customer. And, if requested, we can perform to also prime the restored doors themselves.