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French Door Rejoining & Reglazing

# French Door Rejoining & Reglazing French Doors are a popular staple of our business. They are quick to sell. We source them through a number of different methods. We source them from auctions, demolitions, removals and residential restoration projects in a number of different conditions. There are some that require a little more [...]

French Door Reglazing & Recovery

# French Door Reglazing French Doors are suitable for both internal and external spaces. They are perfect for brightening lounge and kitchen spaces, allowing natural light to flow in. They are available in a variety of iconic fashions and are always classy and stylish. A set of French Doors is an improvement to any [...]

Cedar French Door Frame Build

# Cedar French Door Frame Build Cedar French Doors tucked in a custom frame.  Frame building is a common project for our workshop and a Cedar French Door Frame Build has become somewhat of a theme. It is an extremely convenient service that we offer. Although it may seem easy to consider, building a frame [...]

Cedar French Door Restoration

# Cedar French Door Restoration Framed: Cedar French Door set. Cedar is a popular wood. It is doubly popular with respect to French Doors. It is a lightweight wood and breathable; can be stained or left native: it retains beautiful colours and grained appearance as a natural cut. Even without treatment, Cedar is suitable [...]

Colonial French Door Restoration

# Colonial French Door Restoration Clamped. Squared. Cured. Recovered. French Doors are particularly popular. They are sturdily built but maintain an appearance of being delicate and so beautiful. They serve as a fabulous compliment to any home space. But, in compliment of the Doors themselves are sidelights. Sidelights box French Doors into being the [...]

Wellington Recycled and Restored French Doors

French Doors - Recycled & Restored   French Doors before their restoration--bashed, chipped and unfortunately damaged.At No. 8 Building Recyclers we pride ourselves on our expertise and well exampled ability to service, restore, and reclaim damaged property. A set of French Doors is a wonderful compliment to any home space. They are a [...]