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Statesmen Door Double Glazing

# Statesmen Door Double Glazing   A Statesman Door is an iconic feature of turn-of-the-century villas. Such residences are well represented in Wellington. They are sturdily built, mostly made from native timbers (Rimu, Kauri, etc) and they are attractive in their elegance. Statesman doors contribute security and good taste to any home space they [...]

Double Glazing Triple Casement Window

# Double Glazing Triple Casement Window  Double Glazing is becoming more common for many households. It is an economical investment. It provides a measure of safety and is well designed to retain heat. A great benefit of double glazing is that it can be retrofitted into recycled goods. It is not restricted to new, custom [...]

Window Sash Reglazing & Repair

# Window Sash Reglazing & Repair Another casualty of the pesky Wellington wind. Window Sash Reglazing & Repair are a usual case for us, for a variety of reasons. The Wellington region is notorious for its temperamental weather. The high speed winds are great at splintering sashes, while the rain has a talent for [...]

Rimu Statesman Door Repair

# Rimu Statesman Door Repair We have a staple stock of Statesman Doors available in a variety of sizes and traditions and species of timber. Our stock includes Rimu, Kauri, Cedar and Oregon, as well as the dependable and popular Pine. The variety of Statesman Doors is furthermore identified by their finer details, beading [...]

Double Casement Window Reglazing

# Double Casement Window Reglazing Behind and in front of every great sheet of glass is a great seal of putty. Double Casement Windows regularly make an appearance in our show room. We source them from auctions, private residential restoration projects, and demolitions around Wellington and the greater Wellington region. They usually arrive and [...]

Three Lite Window Frame Build

# Three Lite Window Frame Build Primed for a shaving. We have an extensive stock of window sashes in our store. Our stock includes traditional leadlights, ordinary single-light clear float glass, obscure (bathroom appropriate) glass, and stained glass in a variety of colors and textures. Our collection of sashes also features a variety of wood [...]

Flooring Retrieval & Restoration

# Flooring Retrieval & Restoration The cream of the crop. A large part of our business at No. 8 Building Recyclers involves the sourcing and restoration of flooring and various timbers. Our stock is predominately a mixture of Matai and Rimu Tongue and Groove (T & G) floorboards (principally being Matai). Tongue and Groove [...]

Window Reglazing and Sash Repair

# Window Reglazing & Sash Repair   Windows come in all possible sizes, this is what makes them notoriously difficult to select. Although there is no standard size for a window, we have an extensive stock available which contains almost all possible measurements. At No. 8 Building Recyclers, we offer the chance to avoid [...]

Cedar Window Sash Repair & Reglaze

# Window Sash Repair   A rather sad puzzle to assemble. This sash needed a miracle restoration. The weather in Wellington can be particularly temperamental especially considering the iconic wildness of Wellington wind. There are many victims of Wellingtons wind, and Windows place high on this list. If the wind is strong enough it [...]