Double Casement Window Reglazing

# Double Casement Window Reglazing Behind and in front of every great sheet of glass is a great seal of putty. Double Casement Windows regularly make an appearance in our show room. We source them from auctions, private residential restoration projects, and demolitions around Wellington and the greater Wellington region. They usually arrive and [...]

Matai Flooring Home Retrieval

# Matai Flooring Home Retrieval : The loot of a days hard graft. Matai flooring is exceptionally popular. It features heavily in beginning-of-the-century villas (which Wellington boasts a large number of) and is iconic of galleries and public venues, contributing an unrivalled warmth and waxy sheen. Matai is traditionally milled in the functional format [...]

Flooring Retrieval & Restoration

# Flooring Retrieval & Restoration The cream of the crop. A large part of our business at No. 8 Building Recyclers involves the sourcing and restoration of flooring and various timbers. Our stock is predominately a mixture of Matai and Rimu Tongue and Groove (T & G) floorboards (principally being Matai). Tongue and Groove [...]

Cedar French Door Frame Build

# Cedar French Door Frame Build Cedar French Doors tucked in a custom frame.  Frame building is a common project for our workshop and a Cedar French Door Frame Build has become somewhat of a theme. It is an extremely convenient service that we offer. Although it may seem easy to consider, building a frame [...]