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Craftsman Door Restoration

# Craftsman Door Restoration Three identical Craftsman Doors as selected from our stock. A Craftsman Door is iconic. The slim three paneled body and broad paneled head are recognisable and stylish. Although the Craftsman Door boasts an iconic style there is an opportunity for variations and subtleties. Such crafty differences can sometimes show in [...]

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Colonial French Door Restoration

# Colonial French Door Restoration Clamped. Squared. Cured. Recovered. French Doors are particularly popular. They are sturdily built but maintain an appearance of being delicate and so beautiful. They serve as a fabulous compliment to any home space. But, in compliment of the Doors themselves are sidelights. Sidelights box French Doors into being the [...]

Parlour Door Restoration

# Parlour Door Restoration The Parlour Door showing beautiful colours. A Parlour Door is a strong addition to any household. They are timeless and add a stunning variety of colour to whichever space they enclose, rarely seen in most modern households. A Parlour Door is a period piece, having been popular during an earlier [...]

Antique Kauri Door Restoration

# Antique Kauri Door Restoration The Kauri Door free of paint. Kauri is a brilliantly versatile wood, it is also very sought after and has a notable place in New Zealand history for obvious reasons. It was very rare and fortunate to have restored this door of such beautiful wood and craftsmanship. The mouldings that [...]

Leadlight Window Restoration

# Leadlight Window Restoration   A chisel used to remove old putty.   The intended beauty of a traditional leadlight window is obvious enough to be imitated. There is a strong market for imitation stained glass, but, that is all it is--imitation. Imitation always fails in original beauty, while a true stained glass window is a [...]

Double Glazing of French Door

# Double Glazing of French Door   Double Glazing is a very beneficial improvement to any home. In addition to contributing to greater security, a consequence of being toughened, it also performs well to retain warmth. This is ideal when considering energy efficiency and the potential savings to be had. Double Glazing of French Door [...]

Matai & Rimu Flooring Salvage & Restoration

#   Matai & Rimu Floorboard Salvage We stock a unique collection of reclaimed floorboards in a variety of sizes. The prize of our stock belongs to our collection of Matai & Rimu Floorboards. Matai & Rimu Floorboards Project The current project required delicacy. The removal of floorboards must be performed with a consideration for [...]

Wellington Recycled and Restored French Doors

French Doors - Recycled & Restored   French Doors before their restoration--bashed, chipped and unfortunately damaged.At No. 8 Building Recyclers we pride ourselves on our expertise and well exampled ability to service, restore, and reclaim damaged property. A set of French Doors is a wonderful compliment to any home space. They are a [...]