Antique Kauri Door Restoration

#121 Kauri Door Restoration, No. 8 Building Recyclers, Wellington, Door Restoration

The Kauri Door free of paint.

Kauri is a brilliantly versatile wood, it is also very sought after and has a notable place in New Zealand history for obvious reasons. It was very rare and fortunate to have restored this door of such beautiful wood and craftsmanship. The mouldings that form the panels are brilliantly crafted, raised from the beautiful light honey of the Kauri.  As a wood, Kauri is sturdy; It suits well as a door, providing a sense of security, homeliness, and heritage. This Kauri Door Restoration was a special project.

The current project began with a series of Dip Strips. The door was inherited with a layer of unwanted paint which covered the natural beauty of the Kauri wood. The paint was stripped through the safe process of Dip Stripping. No risk was posed to the integrity of the wood. The original window panes were then removed and replaced. Two new panes of clear model glass substituted the older, obscured glass. This substitution allowed for a clearer pass. The new window panes were then set in place with glass staples and made secure with a sealant of putty.

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